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Why I Created this Site:

While there are many excellent teachers and administrators in our
schools, the fact remains that individuals who have violated the
Education Code, and other California laws for the purpose of
maintaining their personal power, are still calling the shots.

When will this change?

When we replace
lazy and self-satisfied school board members &
teacher union leaders with citizens who are not in anybody's pocket.

In a better world, inadequate school administrators and teachers would
be educated in how to perform their duties. They would be taught to
understand their obligations under the law.

Unfortunately, many public office holders,
school administrators and union leaders
in California value their personal careers
over the future careers of children.

Those in power continue to this day
to practice top-down control
to preserve the balance of power
at tremendous cost to the taxpayers,
students, and teachers.

by Maura Larkins
San Diego Education
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